Lilian Tintori and Patricia de Ceballos, the wives of Leopoldo Lopez and Daniel Ceballos, respectively, gave a news conference today in which they claimed that their husbands, along with Enzo Scarano and Salvatore Lucchese, are routine victims of “cruel, inhuman and degrading” treatment in the Ramo Verde military prison.

More specifically, the two related instances told to them by their husbands in which the men were tortured. Tintori told the following story:

On the morning of Saturday, October 24, they [the guards] didn’t let them sleep. In a premeditated manner, Mr. Homero Miranda, the director of Ramo Verde, gave the order for the prisoners to relieve themselves in plastic bags, which [the guards] then tied with rope and brought up to the roof. [Then the guards] started to smash the bags against the window cell bars until they burst, covering Leopoldo, Daniel, Enzo and Salvatore with feces and urine.

Patricia de Ceballos added that the men are being isolated from the rest of the world, saying

They’ve banned all visits from wives and children and their right to private correspondence has been violated. They’ve been the subjects of violent searches, psychological and physical tortures that constitute flagrant violations of human rights.

Jaua’s Nanny Released, Trial Set to Begin

Yaneth del Carmen Anza, the woman arrested on charges of smuggling weapons into Brazil aboard a private PDVSA flight last week, has been released from a Brazilian jail. Yaneth has been employed as a nanny by Minister of Communes and Social Movements for the past 12 years.

Anza’s defence filed a writ of habeas corpus with the Brazilian court. When a writ of habeas corpus is filed, the court must examine whether or not it has the right to continue to hold a prisoner. If the accused is able to argue that they should be set free while legal proceedings continue, the court must release the prisoner. This is what occurred in this case.

In court, Anza’s defence argued that the weapon actually belongs to Jaua, and that the nanny inadvertently brought it into Brazil in a suitcase full of Jaua’s belongings.  As a result, the judge ruled that there is no reason to hold Anza leading up the trial.

The trial start date has not been set, and while Anza is free, she must comply with court orders and attend all court-scheduled dates.

Maduro: People Must “Defend the Armed Forces”

Maduro gave a speech today while touring the new Fort Guaicaipuro military academy in Miranda state. During his speech, Maduro defended the 45% salary increase for military officers put into effect earlier this week, and asked all Venezuelans to defend the armed forces. Maduro said:

I’m going to defend the armed forces above all else, and from those who would attack them from the oligarchy and the right wing. I’m asking the people to defend their National Bolivarian Armed Forces. Enough with all the evil! What do you, oligarchs, newspaper owners, want to achieve by attacking our armed forces? What do you want?

Maduro singled out the “ultra-right wing” media for “attacking” the army,

… only because I announced what you [the army] deserve for the year 2014 for all the leg work you put into protecting the people (…) I announced the salary increase and then these people [the media] started attacking the armed forces

Below, some pictures of Maduro’s trip to Fort Guaicaipuro today:

Maduro alongside the new Minister of Defence, Vladimir Padrino Lopez:

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