Diosdado Cabello, the vice-president of the PSUV, gave a speech today in which he spoke about the party’s internal enemies. Cabello called on all PSUV supporters to “hunker down” against people from within the PSUV who might wish to undermine Maduro’s authority. Cabello explained:

Many people want to take advantage [of the country’s situation] to do President Nicolas Maduro harm… many people want to take advantage [of the country’s situation] to harm the revolution from the inside.

Cabello also said that opposition members cannot be included in government projects due to their political views. On the topic, Cabello said:

A revolution needs revolutionaries. Someone could be really good – they could even be an astronaut – but if they’re an escualido [a derogatory term for an opposition supporter] then they’re no good for us because they have other interests.

During the same speech, Cabello called for an investigation into Colombian singer Maluma, who he accused of disrespecting a Venezuelan flag during a concert in Valencia this past weekend. At some point during the concert, Maluma inadvertently held the flag so that it was upside down, to which Cabello took great offence, saying:

[Maluma] took out a [Venezuelan] flag right there during the show and placed it upside down. The act of placing the flag upside down alone is disrespectful to our national symbols (…) It was a mistake, was it? Then he should explain it, because no one knows. Then he should apologize, because he hasn’t even apologized once, or [given] a single reason why [he placed the flag upside down].

Cabello also said that Venezuelan shouldn’t let itself be “blackmailed” just because Maluma is famous.

Below, a picture of the act in question:

Harina Pan Prices Set to Rise

Following an increase in the price of white rice, SUNDDE announced today that buying Venezuela’s most common food staple is about to get more expensive. According to the organization charged with setting and controlling prices, the price of corn flour will rise once current stocks are depleted, which should happen in about 77 days.

While the new price has yet to be announced, corn flour manufacturers have been asking the government to increase the price to Bs. 24.50 from the current price of Bs. 12.50 so that they may be able to cover their production costs.

Venezuela Among Worst Countries for Doing Business

A report by the World Bank Group ranked the best and worst countries for doing business in the world in a report released today.

Venezuela ranks 182 out of 189 countries examined in the report. According to the organization, when it comes to doing business, Venezuela is only better than Afghanistan, Congo, Chad, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, Libya, and Eritrea.

The ranking is based on Venezuela’s extremely poor scores as measured by the ease of starting a business, dealing with construction permits, getting electricity, registering property and protesting minority investors, amongst others.

In contrast, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Denmark, South Korea and Norway took the first five spots, respectively.

The full report can be found here.

Minister: We Don’t Need Shampoo

Minister of Ecosocialism, Habitats and Homes Ricardo Molina gave a speech on October 24 in which he reiterated the government’s belief that Venezuela is the victim of an “economic war”, and urged supporters to be ready to make personal sacrifices to ensure the success of the revolution. Those sacrifices might have to include personal hygiene, as Molina explained:

Well, if we have to stop washing our hair for the revolution, we’ll do it.

Molina was addressing the severe shortages affecting virtually every aspect of Venezuelan industry, most notably consumer goods including basic necessities such as shampoo, toothpaste, sanitary napkins and toilet paper.

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