An editorial cartoon began to make the rounds on social media today. The cartoon, created by Roberto Weil, can be seen below:

“Our dear friend Miguel was honest, helpful and supportive… we will remember him as a great rat.”

Weil, whose cartoons appear on a weekly publication called Revista Dominical, drew the cartoon and submitted it to the paper two weeks ago. The cartoon was scheduled to be printed in today’s edition. However, due to Robert Serra’s murder this week, the editor of Revista Dominical chose not to print the cartoon. As a result, the cartoon did not appear on this week’s edition of the publication. Weil was consulted about the decision, and agreed with it.

A printed version of the cartoon made it onto social media, causing outrage among PSUV supporters. Governor of Aragua Tareck El Aissami was particularly angered by the image:

This is the “freedom of expression” that the miserable right wing defends! You are nothing but FASCISTS and COWARDS.

Weil issued a statement on Twitter, saying “I won’t respond to ill-willed comments about a tragedy”. El Aissami responded to the comment on two occassions:

You are garbage. FASCIST. Respect the people.

You are a miserable son of a bitch

Opposition Deputies Denounce Gov’t Response

A group of 22 opposition National Assembly deputies went on the record today to show their displeasure at what they perceive to be the government’s use of the Robert Serra murder to further their own political agenda.

The deputies issued a written statement in which they said:

A case as horrendous as that of [Serra’s murder] must be investigated without any kind of political bias, and it cannot be used as an excuse for confrontation between Venezuelans. We call [on the government] to pay attention to the high levels of insecurity that day by day take thousands of Venezuelans to their graves and bring grief to thousands of households.

Attorney General Speaks on Serra Murder

Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz was a guest on the Jose Vicente Hoy talk show today, and she spoke briefly on the ongoing investigation into the murder of Robert Serra and his partner this past Wednesday. Diaz said:

We’re carrying on the investigation. We have some leads, but we’re not giving out any more details so as to not jeopardize the work we’re doing.
Justice will be done. There will not be impunity, and neither will there be in all the other homicides that take place in the country. You have to trust in the institutions, specially if they’re shown themselves to be serious, and to want to answer to the people.

Diaz also said that she believes that there is an ongoing campaign to discredit the justice system along with “the entire Venezuelan state” in the country.

100 Police Officers Murdered So Far in 2014

CICPC officer Densy Carrasquero was murdered today on a stretch of the Panamericana highway in Caracas. He was intercepted by two men on motorcycles who attempted to rob him of his sidearm. A scuffle ensued, and Carrasquero was murdered. He becomes the 100th police officer killed so far this year in Venezuela.

Yesterday, a 26 year old police officer by the name of Yilbert Diaz was murdered in Caracas, making him the 4th officer killed in the city in one week.

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