Accusations began flying as soon as news of Robert Serra’s murder (and that of his partner) were announced in the media.

Last night, Maduro said that the people who perpetrated the crime have already been identified, and accused Colombian ex-President Alvaro Uribe of being the man behind the assassination. Maduro said:

Justice will be able to identify and judicial prosecute and punish those intellectually responsible [for this].
[The evidence points] towards Colombia, and the gang of criminals that ex-President Alvaro Uribe has controlled his whole life.

Maduro did not provide any evidence for his claim.

In response, Uribe took to Twitter, saying:

That murderous dictatorship accuses me of murder, and their ideological colleagues of telephone torture and being part of a collective

This is not the first time that Uribe has been accused of criminal activities by the Venezuelan government. Throughout the year, he has been a reliable scapegoat, having been repeatedly accused of generally plotting to overthrow the Venezuelan government.

Allup Deplores Accusation Against Uribe

The leader of the Accion Democratica opposition party, Henry Ramos Allup, expressed his outrage at the accusations against Alvaro Uribe for the muder of Robert Serra and his partner this past Friday. Allup believes that the government does not have any evidence linking anyone from the opposition to the crime, saying:

If they [the government] had material evidence that someone from the opposition committed that crime, they would have made it public already and thrown that person to the lions.

Allup also expressed his sadness over what he considers to be Maduro taking advantage of the murder:

We deeply regret that our head of state, right in the middle of a painful event as is the violent death of any Venezuelan, takes advantage of the situation not to call for harmony or peace, but to instead launch very grave accusations.

The opposition politician called Maduro’s accusations “unbelievable”, and said that Maduro’s comments were tantamount to to an “instigation… for his supporters to commit violent acts” in relation.

During the funeral ceremony for Serra and Herrera yesterday, Maduro’s words turned particularly toxic when he called Jesus Torrealba – the leader of the Mesa de la Unidad Democratica – “garbage”.

Heavy Rains Flood Areas of Caracas

A heavy storm rolled through Caracas today, flooding some sections of the city:

The torrential rains claimed at least one victim – a large tree in neighbourhood of El Valle:

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