Following his accusations last week that the Venezuelan opposition had launched (or was attempting to launch) a biological war against his government, Maduro announced today that Cuban experts on “bacteriological warfare” had arrived in the country today at his request. Maduro explained the move, saying:

We’re investigating. Our doctor friends from other parts of the world have already arrived, including from our sister nation, Cuba, who sent us experts in bacteriological warfare to determine what the fascist right tried to do in Aragua.

Maduro continued his attacks, accusing the opposition of waging a “psychological war” against Venezuelans and “making up diseases” in the country in order to spread panic.

Maduro made the comments during an event in Caracas commemorating the International Day of Peace:

Supreme Court Clarifies Simonovis Status

The Tribunal Supremo de Justicia, Venezuela’s highest court, clarified some of the details regarding Ivan Simonovis’ unexpected move to house arrest yesterday, The top court said that Simonovis will be required to provide updates on his medical condition every three months. Simonovis is also banned from leaving the country, and must ask a court for permission to go to a hospital, if the need arises.

Failure to comply with these orders – along with one banning from from social media and from speaking to reporters – would result in his immediate return to the Ramo Verde military prison, his home for the last 9 years.

Opposition Leader Says Gov’t is Trying to Arrest Him

Antonio Ledezma, an opposition leader and current mayor of Metropolitan Caracas, took to Twitter today to denounce what he considers is a plan by the government to have him arrested.

In a series of Tweets, Ledezma said:

Now they’re trying to put me in jail, with a scheme that links me to terrorist activities. They can’t stand the fact that I go around Caracas speaking the truth!
The government does not want me on the streets, or in the barrios of Caracas. They want me in jail!

Earlier this week, the governor of Aragua, Tarek el Aissami, accused Ledezma and other opposition figures of being involved in an alleged conspiracy involving the mystery illness in Maracay. According to Maduro and el Aissami, the Venezuelan opposition – including Ledezma – are guilty of trying to launch a biological war in the country with the supposed goal of destabilizing the government.

Below, a picture of Ledezma and his wife at an event in the village of Zea, Merida state:

Finally, some pictures of workers fumigating against mosquitoes in El Hatillo, Caracas. The country is currently experiencing outbreaks of dengue fever and chikungunya:

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