Josue Farias, a 19 year old accounting student from the Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin in Maracaibo, Zulia, died today as a result of injuries received at a demonstration on May 29. During a protest against the Maduro government.

On May 29, Josue had gone out to meet a classmate when he was shot in the abdomen. Bystanders took Josue to the university’s infirmary, where he was assessed and subsequently transported to a hospital in Maracaibo.

Since May 29, Josue underwent several surgeries to repair damage sustained to his pancreas, liver and stomach. Josue died early this morning.

PDVSA Sees Worst Yearly Earnings in History

PDVSA sold $113.98 million worth of crude oil and derivatives last year, down from $124.46 million in 2012, according to a Reuters report.

Despite the decrease in sales, PDVSA recorded earnings of $15.84 million last year, thanks in part to the organization offloading some of its expenses onto the Venezuelan government. PDVSA also sold all of the stock it held on the Corporacion Minera to the Venezuelan Central Bank. According to economist Alexander Guerrero:

[Corporacion Minera] is a shell company that hasn’t produced a gram of gold in a long time and whose employees work from home.

Guerrero says that PDVSA “put makeup” on its numbers for 2013, without which “it’s profits would be minimal”. According to Guerrero, PDVSA’s real earnings sit closer to about $3.8 million, which places the 2013 fiscal year as PDVSA’s worst in its entire history.

Maduro Urges Supporters to Ignore Polls

Speaking at an event commemorating the graduation of a new National Bolivarian Police cohort, Maduro said:

We need to keep building only one police system with only one strategy. In this way, we will be able to achieve the supreme objective.

Maduro also urged his supporters to work “against the current” by ignoring whatever polls might suggest. Recent polls conducted by several different polling firms confirm the fact that a majority of Venezuelans view the current social, political and economic situation in a negative light, believe that things in the country will get worse, and do not approve of the job Maduro is doing. Maduro continued:

Politicking doesn’t interest me. I do what I have to do out of love, out of my conscience.

The picture below shows a scuffle between El Hatillo municipal police officers and demonstrators. The confrontation resulted with at least one person detained:

A flaming barricade in Barcelona, Anzoategui:

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