According to the Camara Venezolana de la Industria de Alimentos [Venezuelan Chamber of the Food Industry]  (CADIVEA) announced today that the downward trend in sales of basic food items continued in the month of April, when sales plunged 5% compared to where they were at the same time last year.

The items most affected by the decrease in sales were powered milk (40.2%), pasta (18.3%), and flour (16%). Only oatmeal, sardines and sugar saw an increase in sale during this period of time.

CADIVEA reiterated its assertion that part of the reason why sales have decreased is due to strict pricing regulations set by the government, since the prices set by the government do not accurately reflect the country’s inflation crisis. Moreover, CADIVEA blames the industry’s inability to secure foreign currency from the government with which to buy raw materials for food production.

Majority of Venezuelans Have Negative View on Maduro as President

The polling firm Alfredo Keller y Asociados conducted a survey between May 9 and May 24, and found that 60% of those polled view Maduro’s time as president negatively. Similarly, 67% consider the situation the country finds itself today as negative, while 68% believe that the economic situation is getting worse.

More specifically, the survey found that 71% of respondents disagreed with the Ley de Costos y Precios Justos [The Fair Price and Cost Law], which allows the government to take over any privately-owned business at any time and for any reason.

Perhaps most tellingly, the survey also found that 45% of respondents would vote for an opposition candidate in the next election, while 35% would vote for a PSUV candidate.

Diosdado Cabello: “No Room” for Opposition

Speaking at an event before members of the UBch (Bolivar-Chavez Battle Units) in Nueva Sparta, Diosdado Cabello said that there was “no room” for the opposition in Venezuela since, according to him, the operate entirely outside of the boundaries set by the constitution. Cabello also spoke on the fate of the opposition, saying:

They will face justice whatever their name is, wherever they life, whatever their last name is, whatever party they belong to. They will face the Constitution and the law and they will submit before the law.

Maria Corina Machado Banned from Leaving Venezuela

A Caracas court ordered Maria Corina Machado to stay within the borders of Venezuela while her alleged role in the events of February 12 are investigated. These same events led to the arrest of Leopoldo Lopez on February 18.

The order has already been submitted to the Venezuelan border control service, who are now legally required to make sure Maria Corina does not leave the country.

Maria Corina has not been formally charged with any wrongdoing stemming from the events of February 12.

Finally, a picture of what the scarcity crisis in Venezuela looks like. In this undated image, a woman wanders through an sad looking supermarket. The sign on the foreground reads: “There is no meat or chicken until further notice”:


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