Of the more than 20 people detained during the protests that took place throughout Caracas yesterday, 10 of them were minors. One of the minors is 14 years old, and the other nine are between the ages of 15 and 17. According to El Nacional, eight of the minors are currently being held at a National Guard headquarters in El Recreo, and the other two were taken to a National Police office in Catia.

Today, Cilia Flores – PSUV member and wife of Nicolas Maduro – had this to say regarding the difference between Chavez as a political prisoner and the political prisoners of today:

[Chavez] never accepted the trial [against him] because he even accepted responsibility, he said: “This is a political trial, this is not a legal matter”, and he accepted that without any kind of whining. He accepted it with dignity. That’s a great merit that Commander Chavez [had], that no one else that I’ve seen this during this time has, who just go out, don’t assume responsibility, then cry and get sick.

The comments come in the face of slurs Maduro made against mayor Enzo Scarano, whom Maduro assured “cried all the way to jail” when he was arrested several weeks ago. The comments also seem to be a slight against Ivan Simonovis, another Venezuelan political prisoner, whose health has been a cause for concern amongst the Venezuelan opposition. It’s worth mentioning that machismo is very much a thing in Venezuela, as it is throughout much of Latin America. It is a phenomenon that is much more prevalent in the continent than it is here in North America. Most famously, Maduro once called the opposition mariconsones” [faggots], much to the delight of the adoring crowd.

Finally, a couple of pictures from Caracas today:

And in true gocho fashion, a rather serious looking barricade somewhere in Tachira:

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