There was a big demonstration today that headed to the supreme court building in Caracas in order to protest the court’s decision regarding peaceful protests last week. There was a lot of expectations regarding the demonstration before it started since the supreme court had decreed that spontaneous peaceful protests, which were guaranteed by the constitution, now required a permit from the government to take place. This is the crowd that marched to the supreme court today:

The demonstration had reached its goal without incident, so it looks like the supreme court’s decision was not enforced in this case.

There are barricades in Chacao tonight:

And here is a picture also from Chacao from tonight. The banner reads “Youths and students in peaceful protest”, obviously in reference to the supreme court statement earlier this week. The men on bikes in the foreground look like National Guard/Police:

And there were a lot of National Guard in a barrio in the Santa Fe area of Caracas, where there were lots of demonstrations recently. Apparently, the National Guard were entering homes in the area and arresting people.

It looks like the protest in Santa Fe was against Resolution 058, which has drawn quite of a bit of controversy this past week.

This is a picture of one of the people detained in Santa Fe today:

So far today, it looks like at least 20 people have been detained during protests.

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