About Me

My name is Giancarlo Fiorella. I am a doctoral candidate at the University of Toronto, where I am conducting research on protest policing in Venezuela. My research focuses on Venezuela’s colectivos armados and the 2014/2017 anti-government protests. I am also an investigator and trainer for Latin America at Bellingcat.

I was born in Venezuela. My family left the country in 1997 when I was eleven years old. I am fully fluent in Spanish.

This blog attempts to bring Venezuelan news and events to an English-speaking audience. Every day, I read through Venezuelan media and translate the day’s biggest news into English.

In Venezuela is a one-person operation. I monitor, collect information, synthesize and write the daily updates by myself. On some days, if I’m too busy with work/school/life, there is no daily update.

If you stumble upon any videos or articles that need translating, please do not hesitate to let me know and I will translate them for you!

Email: invenezuelablog@gmail.com
Twitter: @invenezuelablog
Facebook: In Venezuela Blog
YouTube: In Venezuela

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