Cases of COVID-19 in Venezuela have continued their troubling trend over the past 24 hours, as 302 new cases and 3 fatalities were reported to health authorities. The news came from vice president Delcy Rodriguez during a press conference.

Rodriguez said that 25 of these cases were detected in some of the most marginalized areas of Caracas, including La Vega. Zulia state continues see the most cases in the country, with 99 of these new cases coming from that state.

Parra Calls EU Sanctions “Grotesque Interference”

Luis Parra, one of the National Assembly deputies hit by EU sanctions yesterday, reacted to the measures by echoing the Maduro government’s language, calling them “grotesque interference” in Venezuelan affairs.

Parra is an controversial figure in Venezuelan politics, since he was elected as an opposition deputy for the Primero Justicia (Justice First, PJ) party in 2015. However, early this year, Parra led a group of other like-minded deputies in declaring himself President of the National Assembly, causing a rift in the legislature. Since then, Parra and his faction have worked closely with the Maduro government, which appears eager to paint him as the legitimate leader of the Venezuelan opposition.

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