Vice president Delcy Rodriguez announced today that there were 64 new cases of COVID-19 detected in the country over the past 24 hours, pushing the total number since the outbreak began to 3,062.

Rodriguez also said that there had been an additional fatality, bringing the total to 26.

Saab Appears in Cabo Verde Court

Alex Saab, the Venezuela-Colombia dual citizen arrested on Friday in Cabo Verde over allegations of his role in a massive corruption scheme, appeared for the first time today in custody in footage recorded on the island.

A local media channel reporting on Saab’s arrest showed a clip of him being led into a building in handcuffs. Below, the video:

Saab has long been accused of having close connections to Maduro and other high-ranking members of the Venezuelan government, whom he is alleged to be enriching through corruption and embezzlement.

AMLO: Mexico Would Sell Gasoline to Venezuela for “Humanitarian” Reasons

Mexican president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said today that his government would sell gasoline to Venezuela for “humanitarian” reasons if asked, but stressed that the such a request has not come from Caracas.

Lopez Obrador said:

They have not asked for any [gasoline], and if they were to do it was needed for humanitarian reasons, we would do it.

Lopez Obrador was also asked if he was concerned about the possibility that the United States government would retaliate against Mexico if he were to move ahead with such a sale. He said:

We don’t get involved in the politics of other countries… no one has the right to oppress others. No hegemony can crush a country.

Widespread gasoline shortages have been causing long queues at stations all over the country in recent weeks. As a result, the Maduro government has looked to offshore suppliers, and has already received shipments from Iran.

Arrest Warrant Out for Tupamaro Leader in Killing of 16-Year-Old Boy

Attorney General Tarek William Saab announced today that there is a warrant for the arrest of Jose Pinto Marrero, the head of the Tupamaro movement in Venezuela, over the killing of a 16-year-old boy. Saab also announced warrants for two other people in relation to the same event.

According to Saab, Marrero and the two others killed the boy over a dispute and buried his body.

Marrero is a relatively high-profile figure in Venezuelan politics given his leadership role in the Tupamaro party.

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