Maduro announced this afternoon that the official death toll fro COVID-19 in the country had risen to eleven after the death of a 65-year-old man in Caracas. The announcement came as Maduro revealed that there were 34 new cases of the disease detected in the country over the last 24 hours, bringing the total since the outbreak began to 1,211.

Maduro revealed some information about the man reported to have died from the disease, including that he lived in the La Vega neighbourhood of Caracas and that he had had “contact with a relative who came from Colombia”. The man, Maduro claimed, had been hospitalized with COVID-19 on May 23, and he died after developing “a respiratory infection [and] pneumonia”.

Of the 34 new cases reported since yesterday, Maduro stressed–as has become common for government officials–that the overwhelming majority of those with the disease had contracted it abroad. Only one of the 34 new cases, Maduro claimed, was community spread.

Of the Caracas resident who died of the disease while in hospital, Maduro said:

We should add his death [to the total] in Colombia.

During the same press conference, Maduro told Venezuelans to get ready to experience a new “relative normal” starting on June 1. As to what this might mean, Maduro said:

[We are going to] relax economic life but in an organized and safe way. We already have a plan for important economic sectors but we still need a set of conditions that will be created this week.

Maduro continued:

We’re moving towards a new supervised and protected normal. If we need to place a curfew on a municipality due to an outbreak, we’ll do it.

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