Last night, opposition leader Juan Guaido gave a speech during which he called for the formation of a national emergency coalition government to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Guaido said that “there is no time to lose” on the matter, and that the implementation of his plan should be undertaken “to save Venezuela”.

Guaido said that the coalition should include “all political sectors” of the country, which opens the door for members of the ruling PSUV party to participate. However, Guaido specified that the coalition “cannot be headed by Maduro, for obvious reasons”.

There is no indication at this time that Guaido’s proposal is in motion, or that it is likely to come to fruition.

Guaido Denies Alcala’s Allegations

Earlier today, Guaido denied allegations made by Cliver Alcala on Thursday that he was involved in a plan to smuggle weapons into Venezuela to assassinate Maduro.

The allegations came in the form of a video that the former Chavez loyalist released on his Twitter account shortly after he was indicted for drug trafficking by the United States government. Alcala claimed that he had a document with Guaido’s signature on it that approved the smuggling of weapons from Colombia to Venezuela to arm a rebel force, the purpose of which was to “surgically” remove Maduro from power.

In his interview, Guaido was blunt and said that not only had he not signed any document “of that kind”, but also that he was not aware of a rebel force like the one that Alcala described setting up operations in Venezuela.

COVID-19 Death Toll Rises to Three

Minister of Communication Jorge Rodriguez announced today that a third COVID-19 patient has died from the disease in Venezuela, and that the total number of confirmed cases in the country now sits at 129. According to Rodriguez, the deceased was a 60 year old man, and that he lived in Caracas.

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