An opposition march scheduled to set off from the eastern part of Caracas towards the National Assembly in the west part of the city was repressed by regime security forces who prevented demonstrators from reaching their destination. The opposition supporters were scheduled to march from the Juan Pablo II Plaza

Two opposition deputies were detained by security forces and released after a short time in custody. They were Zandra Castillo and Angel Torres. After being released, deputy Castillo said that she was sexually assaulted by the officers who detained her. She explained:

They searched me. They took my shirt off, and they put their hand inside my private parts, and I’m pregnant. I’m two weeks pregnant and they didn’t even care.

The early morning hours saw a presence of National Bolivarian Police (NBP) in Chacao, which was one of the areas that opposition demonstrators were expected to move through on their way to the National Assembly:

The video below captured the moment that NBP officers fired tear gas at the crowd of opposition demonstrators in Chacaito, sending hundreds of people scrambling for safety:


At one point, an elderly woman who was caught in the repression collapsed to the ground. She was carried away by a group of people in gas masks, likely a combination of medical staff and journalists:

Although security forces prevented opposition demonstrators from reaching their destination, they still managed to hold a rally and hear from Juan Guaido. Below, some images from his speech:

During his speech, Guaido said that those who oppose the Maduro regime make up “a powerful majority” in Venezuela, and that working together would bring about a change in government.

While the opposition demonstrators were prevented from reaching the National Assembly, the Maduro regime set up a stage just across the street from the legislative palace for an event for its supporters:

Opposition demonstrators congregated in other cities across the country, including San Cristobal, Tachira:

Ciudad Guayana/Bolivar, Bolivar state:

Merida, Merida state:

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