The National Assembly approved a motion today allowing exiled deputies to cast their votes in the legislature in absentia, and to be counted as present in the chamber if they join the proceedings virtually from wherever they may be in the world.

The new rules for reaching quorum and voting are an important win for the embattled opposition, as 27 of its deputies are today living in exile as a result of regime persecution.

The new rules are set to take effect on the first day of the 2020 parliamentary session, which is scheduled for January 5.

FPV: 390 Political Prisoners in Regime Jails

The Foro Penal Venezolano (Venezuelan Penal Forum, FPV) issued its monthly political prisoner report today, placing the figure at 390.

Below, a graphic shared by the FPV’s English Twitter account breaking down the number of political prisoners by demographic:

PROVEA: 22 Tortured to Death, 58 Killed in Protests in 2019

PROVEA, a Venezuelan human rights NGO, announced today that according to its statistics, 58 people were killed during protests in 2019, while another 22 died as the result of torture while in regime detention. The figures are a grim addition to Maduro’s human rights record since he took power in Venezuela in 2013.

Marino Alvarado, a human rights lawyer with PROVEA, said:

During Maduro’s term, since 2013 until today, 276 people have been murdered during protests.

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