During a televised event today, Maduro ordered that 13,000 militias n the state of Ciudad Guayana, in Bolivar state. Maduro said that the weapons needed to be in the hands of the militias in order to “get ready” for defend Venezuela from her external enemies.

Maduro explained:

The readier we are, the better prepared we will be to defend Venezuela from the Colombian oligarchy and imperialism. Let’s guarantee peace in the country!

Maduro did not provide any evidence that either the Colombian government or any other external actor are planning a military invasion of Venezuela that would necessitate the arming of militias.

NGO: Only 40.5% of Venezuelan Homes Have Internet

A study conducted by the Observatorio Venezolano de Servicios Publicos (Venezuelan Public Services Watch, OVSP) has determined that only 40.5% of Venezuelan households have access to the internet, and that the trend of 2019 is that fewer homes can count on the vital service.

The OVSP study was conducted in September, and surveyed homes in the seven largest cities in the country.

According to the study, the city with the least reported access to the internet was Maracaibo, in Zulia state, which despite its size as the second largest urban centre in the country is plagued by daily hours-long blackouts. There, only 25% of households have access to the internet, OVSP reports.

In Caracas, the capital, that figure is 51.3%, according to the study.

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