An investigative report by Armando Info published today revealed that the family of Cilia Flores, Venezuela’s First Lady, owns 14 homes on the same Caracas street.

According to the report, the homes have all been purchased through corporations headed by individuals with close connections to the Flores family. Seven of the home purchases passed through the hands of an individual named Mario Enrique Bonilla, while another individual, named Jenifer Fuentes, who also has close connections to the Flores families bought three homes in the same neighbourhood.

Together, the 14 homes are all adjacent to one another on a street called the Laguna de Tacarigua in the Cumbres de Curumo neighbourhood of the city.

whom the report identifies as a front-man  value in range from approximately $500,000-1.5 million. One of the homes is “exclusively” for the use of the family’s bodyguards.

The full report can be found here.

This is not the first time that the Flores family has made headlines for their activities. Two of Cilia’s nephews, Efrain and Francisco, are currently serving prison sentences in the U.S. after they pleaded guilty to attempting to smuggle 800 kilograms of cocaine into the country.

Public Ministry Opens Investigation Into Parque Del Este Concert Tragedy

The Public Ministry announced today that it had opened an investigation into events at a free Neutro Shorty concert in Parque del Este in Caracas yesterday, which left three people dead and dozens injured. According to park authorities, the concert’s organizers did not have permission to hold the event.

Meanwhile, a video showing Neutro Shorty pleading with the crowd to disperse as the severity of the situation dawned. Below, the video along with my translation:

Neutro: … look, people, I didn’t come here to lie or hurt you or anything like that. I came here to find to you for free. I didn’t come to fuck you over, or promise you political things. I came here to sing to you from my heart.

What’s happening here sucks, man. It sucks. There are kids fainting here. I feel bad looking at them. I don’t want this to go on. If you’re really with me, believe me when I say that we’ll do this at another time, so go home in peace. Otherwise people are going to keep getting fucked up up here…

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