Opposition leader Juan Guaido reiterated his call today for Venezuelans to take to the streets of the country in protest against the Maduro regime on November 16. Guaido made the call on his official Twitter account:

On Saturday, we were in Maturin and Punta de Mata.

Venezuela is waking up, not just on November 16: our teachers and nurses are on the streets [protesting] because they will not get used to the crisis.

What is your reason for protesting and demanding [your rights] on November 16? This [November 16] we will all protest together.

The video that accompanied the video showed clips from the events in Maturin and Punta de Mata this weekend, and called on viewers to protest on November 16.

Guaido began calling for protests for November 16 in October, saying that he hoped that the protests would “accelerate the strength of the international pressure” on the Maduro regime.

The opposition leader faces an uphill battle in calling for the protests, given that the strategy has proven itself to be wholly ineffective in the past of gaining any lasting concessions from the Maduro regime. Months-long anti-government protest waves in 2014 and 2017 were brutally repressed by regime forces, leaving dozens of protesters dead.

At the opposition event in Maturin on Saturday, Guaido laid out his hopes for the November 16 protest, saying:

On November 16, Venezuela gets up, wakes up and reacts.

Arreaza Meets with UN Humanitarian Aid Representatives

Minister of Foreign Affairs Jorge Arreaza met today with representatives from the United Nation’s Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief office, giving rise to hope that the Maduro regime will soon begin to recognize the humanitarian crisis in the country and mount a concerted effort to relieve it through the reception of international assistance.

In attendance was Marck Lowcock, the head of the Relief office, pictured below with Arreaza:

For years, the Maduro regime has denied that there was a humanitarian emergency underway in Venezuela. Maduro made that assertion has recently as February of this year. The regime’s posturing has resulted in its refusal to request desperately-needed food, medicine and other necessities that would bring relief to millions of suffering Venezuelans.

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