Opposition leader Juan Guaido gave a speech to supporters in Maturin, Monagas state during which he asked them to not lose hope in their struggle against the Maduro regime.

During his speech, Guaido also called on supporters to not give in to factionalism, and instead remain united as a single opposition bloc against the regime. He said:

The most powerful element on which we’ve counted is the unity of all of the [opposition] factions, and that’s what we need to take with us. Unity above difference. I’m not saying that we should bury [our differences]: what I’m saying is that we’re all on the same ship, in the middle of the worst storm that has ever happened to a country in this continent, and we must sail to land, to a good and safe port together…

Guaido continued the boat analogy by saying that opposition in-fighting was akin to the passengers of a ship fighting one another, which he warned could cause the vessel to sink.

Guaido also spoke on what he argued was the futility of looking to the past for people to blame for the opposition’s failures. He said:

There’s no point in looking to the past [and saying], “In 2005 we did this or that”. Today, we are the result of what we did in the past (…) but the future is ours, and we have to win it. They will not give us a future. We have to win it.

Below, images of Guaido at the event in Maturin earlier today:

Christmas Security Measures In Effect

The Plan Navidades Seguras 2019 [Safe Christmas Plan 2019] came into effect today, continuing the tradition that is increasing police and National Guard presence throughout the country during the holiday season in the name of security.

This year, the plan will see over 190,000 security officers from the National Bolivarian Police, the National Guard, and other organizations deployed around Venezuela, including beaches, busy roads and other “places of interest” until 2019.

The security operation began with a ceremony at the Paseo Los Proceres in Caracas, pictured in the image below from the Ministry of the Interior:

FACT we will be in every corner of the country so that our people can celebrate and enjoy the Christmas season 2019

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