Protesters took to the streets of Caracas and Maracaibo today to express their displeasure at the state of the electrical grid in Zulia state, which is routinely without power.

In Caracas, protesters rallied at a shopping centre in Los Dos Caminos before marching to the officers of CORPOELEC, the state-owned electrical utility company, which is located in El Marquez. The protesters were prevented from reaching the building by National Guard soldiers, who set up barricades to block their way.

The protesters were also met by pro-government demonstrators, who set off from a different part of Caracas but marched to meet them on the Sanz avenue in the La California neighbourhood o the city. In the video below, opposition protesters are marching down the avenue towards a group of pro-government demonstrators, who are blocking the way:

A camera captured the moment that the two sides met. In the clip below, the pro-government demonstrators (on the left of the screen) have a heated discussion with the opposition demonstrators (on the right side of the screen):

Opposition leader Juan Guaido was not at today’s march. His wife, Fabiana Rosales, tweeted images of vehicles from the regime’s secret police, the SEBIN, at the entrance of her neighbourhood this morning as she was about to head out to the protest:

10:55 AM when I was heading out to support Zulia state

Clearly-identified SEBIN agents were trying to [enter] our community

When she started recording them, the SEBIN vehicles retreated:

Below, images of the opposition concentration in Caracas:

The National Guard barricade preventing access to the CORPOELEC building in Caracas earlier today. Some of the protesters attempted to reason with the soldiers behind the wall:

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