The government of Chile is lashing out today against the Maduro regime, after the latter made comments about ongoing protests in Santiago that the former qualified as “interventionist”.

That reaction came from Chilean minister of Foreign Affairs Teodoro Ribera Neumann, who said the following about the recent statements from Caracas on the protests:

We express our most emphatic rejection at the intervention by Maduro, the dictator, and at the insults from officials from his regime.

Yesterday evening, vice president Delcy Rodriguez sent a message through her official Twitter account denouncing the crackdown against protesters in Chile and criticizing the “silence” from United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michele Bachelet:

There is a deafening silence from [Michele Bachelet] against the terrible repression from the Pinochet-esque dictatorship of [Sebastian Pinera, the president of Chile] that goes against the spirit of the [United Nations Human Rights Council] (…) that offends the dignity of Latin America! Enough repression! Let us raise our voices against these shameful acts!

Rodriguez’s tweet drew the ire of not only Chile but also of Venezuelans and sympathetic observers alike, given the Maduro regime’s brutal response to peaceful protests in the country. Since 2014, regime authorities have killed dozens of protesters, arbitrarily detained thousands, and tortured scores of people in its quest to remain in power.

University Professors Set to Strike October 23-24

University professors across the country are set to strike on October 23 and 24 over rampant violations of their collective bargaining agreements by state authorities.

Raquel Figueroa, a national coordinator for the professors’ movement, said of the strike:

We have to talk about all of the [collective bargaining agreement] clauses related to salaries and social [programs] that are still being violated today by the policies and the economic package coming from Maduro.

Figueroa stressed that regime’s policies had “pulverized” salaries in Venezuela, and pointed out that with what a professor takes home at the end of the month, she is only able to afford 1.94% of the basic nutritious food basket.

On the most recent salary increase announced by the regime, Figueroa said:

We are facing a new fraud by the regime, which is making all of the workers unify, to express our struggles so that we can defend that which is being taken from us.

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