Argentinian Minister of Foreign Affairs Jorge Faurie revealed today in an interview that Buenos Aires has formally expelled the Maduro regime’s diplomatic representatives in the country, following the expiration of their credentials. Faurie told Infoabae:

The diplomatic visas of the representatives of the Maduro regime have expired, and we have asked them to return them to the Argentinian [Ministry of Foreign Affairs].

In total, there were seven regime representatives in Argentina: five diplomats and two military officers.

Buenos Aires’ move follows the official recognition of the opposition diplomatic mission in the country just two days ago.

Libertador Mayor Says Francisco Fajardo Highway To Be Renamed

Erika Farias, the mayor of the Libertador municipality of Caracas, announced this afternoon that the Francsico Fajardo highway would be renamed Cacique Guaicaipuro, although she did not provide exact details for her plan. Speaking during a televised event, Farias said that she would do “everything that needs to be done” to rename the highway, which cuts across Caracas from east to west.

Farias lamented the fact that the highway is named after someone who “murdered our indigenous people”, referring to the fact that Francisco Fajardo was a conqusitador of the mid-16th century period.

Guaicaipuro was an indigenous cacique (leader) born in what is today Los Teques, in MIranda state. He led the indigenous resistance to Spanish expansion in the region during his lifetime, and was killed by Spanish soldiers in 1568 near Caracas.

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