The Organization of American States (OAS) provided an updated figure for the number of Venezuelan migrants in the region, placing it at 4.6 million. The figure represents approximately 14% of the country’s population, which is approximately 32 million people.

The figures came from David Smonlansky, the exiled mayor of the Baruta municipality in Caracas and current opposition coordinator before the OAS. According to Smolansky, Venezuelans are distributed across the region in the following way:

  • Colombia: 1,600,000
  • Peru: 900,000
  • United States: 422,000
  • Chile: 400,000
  • Ecuador: 350,000
  • Brazil: 170,000
  • Argentina: 150,000
  • Panama: 100,00
  • Mexico: 70,000
  • Dominican Republic: 40,000
  • Guyana: 36,000
  • Costa Rica: 30,000
  • Curacao: 26,000
  • Canada: 22,000
  • Aruba: 16,000
  • Uruguay: 10,000
  • Bolivia: 10,000

Smolansky also revealed that the non-member country of the OAS that has received the most Venezuelans is Spain, with 300,000. The former mayor called the figures evidence of an “unprecedented human displacement”.

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