A breakaway faction of the Venezuelan opposition has signed an agreement with the Maduro regime that includes the reincorporation of the PSUV into the National Assembly as well as the appointment of a new electoral body, a move that has sent shockwaves throughout Venezuela.

The agreement was signed by the CambiemosMASAvanzada Progresista, and Soluciones parties, none of which appear on the list of the country’s largest or most influential parties.Juan Guaido, the leader of the majority opposition, called the agreement “irresponsible and sadistic”, and argued that it did little but place band-aids on the wounds that are bleeding Venezuela to death.

Guaido Reveals Proposal That Maduro Regime Rejected

Guaido also gave specific details today regarding the reason why the Maduro regime walked away from the Norway-backed talks that had been taking place since May of this year.

According to Guaido, the opposition brought to the negotiating table a proposal that called for the creation of a new electoral body, presidential elections, the re-establishment of the separation of powers according to the Venezuelan constitution, as well as the release of all political prisoners. Once the proposal was made, Guaido said, the regime negotiators “abandoned the talks”.

Pro-Government Armed Groups Disperses Protest

At approximately noon today, a pro-government armed group dispersed a protest in Caracas organized by teachers who were speaking out against the poor state of the country’s educational system.

The group–known colloquially as a colectivo armado (literally “armed collective”) dispersed the protesters by firing weapons into the air.

Below, images and video from the event:


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