The Maduro regime ramped up its bellicose rhetoric against the government of Colombia yesterday, after the president made a number of statements on a televised address regarding the neighbouring nation. During his speech, Maduro announced that he was placing Venezuela in “orange alert” over the “threat of aggression from Colombia”, and announced border military drills starting on September 10.

Maduro did not explain the exact nature of the “threat of violence” from Colombia, although he did offer a vague explanation:

President Ivan Duque has a provocation plan. He’s going to launch a false flag [operation], attack Venezuelan territory, go to the UN Security Council, and put on a political show at the cost of an armed conflict.

Unlike countries like the United States, Venezuela does not have a formal colour alert system.

Maduro’s comments yesterday were followed by the announcement that the Venezuelan armed forces would place an “anti-air missile defense system” on the border with Colombia.

Speaking on his weekly television show tonight, PSUV vice president Diosdado Cabello carried on with the regime’s tough talk, and said that the Colombian government would try to invade Venezuela in search for guerrillas. He then suggested that a Colombia-Venezuela war might unfold like the Vietnam War. Cabello said:

Vietnam never surrendered. If Vietnam could do it, we can also do it.

Colombia: We’ve Been Under Threat “For a While”

Colombian Minister of Foreign Affairs Carlos Holmes Trujillo appeared to brush off the latest rhetoric from Maduro, saying that his country has been under threat from the regime “for a while”.

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