Juan Guaido spoke at a rally in his home state of Vargas today before a crowd of supporters on a variety of topics, including the increasing international isolation of the Maduro regime and the opposition’s ongoing struggles.

During the event, Guaido attempted to lift the spirits of supporters given the apparent stalemate that the opposition finds itself in with the regime. Guaido said:

Today we are stronger than ever. The unstoppable majority wants change. We’ve defeated hopelessness.We will defeat mediocrity and corruption. Before my hometown and my people, I promise you that we will win this battle for Venezuela.

Guaido also asked Venezuelans to not allow themselves to “become confused” by “doubt” that the opposition is being anything but earnest and relentless in its struggle against the Maduro regime. While Guaido did not add details to his comment, it appears to be in reference to the criticism that the opposition received on social media for attempting to negotiate with the regime in recent weeks.

Below, a video of Guaido speaking to the press at today’s event:

Below, pictures from the event:

Guaido also had a message for Maduro and the regime. He said:

[The regime] is afraid of the people. They are afraid to face the people. They talk about elections, [but] they’re lying. Hold the elections, then! Venezuela will win. The country is unified and heading in a single direction, under a single cause, and it is this: liberty, democracy, and recovering our country.

[Maduro and the PSUV] are cowards. They don’t want to face the people. They owe a debt to people, with those who don’t have water, food or electricity.


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