Juan Guaido announced in a Periscope broadcast this evening that the Maduro regime is planning to dissolve the National Assembly, possibly as early as tomorrow. Guaido gave the warning by saying:

I want to announce that we’ve received very important information about a new crazy move from the dictatorship, this regime without scruples. They [the Maduro regime] is going to try to illegally dissolve the Venezuelan parliament.

In the video, Guaido said that the move could be made at tomorrow’s Constituent Assembly meeting, which he said “only meets to persecute” the opposition and its members.

The Constituent Assembly is a parliamentary body made up of hand-picked regime loyalists. According to the constitution, the Constituent Assembly’s entire raison d’etre is the drafting of a new constitution. However, the body has made virtually no progress towards that goal since it was formed in August 2017, and is instead convened to rubber-stamp regime acts.

The last time that Venezuela had a Constituent Assembly was in 1999. It took approximately three months to draft a new constitution.

In the same video, Guaido said that according to the information that the opposition had received, it is possible that the regime might not go ahead with the plan because there is no consensus in the upper echelons of government about what to do. Referencing the events of March 2017 during which the regime attempted to dissolve parliament, Guaido said:

We have to remember one thing: two years ago, in 2017, they tried to do this… and the result for the regime was reputation and international isolation.

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2 thoughts on “08.11.19: A Crazy Move

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