Juan Guaido spoke before large crowd of supporters today in Porlamar, Nueva Esparta state, on a number of topics including the nationwide protests planned for this coming July 23.

During his speech, Guaido said that July 23 would see not only anti-government protests, but also “important announcements” from the opposition leadership. Guaido said:

… I’m calling on all of Venezuela to take part in a great street gathering this coming July 23, during which we will update the country, make important announcements, and set out the net steps in ours struggle.

Guaido said that the opposition “will not surrender” in its struggle against the Maduro regime, and that Venezuelans had proven their resilience in withstanding not only the ongoing socio-economic crisis but also the regime’s brutal repression. He said:

Despite everything that has happened we are still standing. Despite everything that we have sacrificed and all of our suffering, here we are. We will not give [the government] the satisfaction. On the contrary, we will regain Venezuela.

Below, images of the opposition rally in Porlamar today:

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