The country’s political opposition announced this afternoon that its negotiators returned to Barbados today to continue talks with the Maduro regime in the hopes of finding a peaceful solution to the crisis. The announcement came in a tweet from the opposition’s official communication channel.

Below, the announcement along with my translation:

We are informing you of the following:
The delegation assigned by President (Elect) [Juan Guaido] has returned to Barbados to continue to work, in an expedited manner, with the Oslo negotiation mechanism in order to achieve the change to bring an end to the suffering of Venezuelans.

Three days ago, the Norwegian government announced that the delegations from both sides had left Barbados at the conclusion of the talks, indicating that now deal to end the political stalemate had been reached.

It is due to the Norwegian government’s mediating role in these talks to that the opposition referred to them as “the Oslo negotiation mechanism” in its statement.

Earlier in the day, Miranda state governor Hector Rodriguez said that were an agreement to be reached between the ruling PSUV party and the opposition, it would first be put to a vote at the national level before coming into effect.

Rodriguez’s name has come up from time to time as a PSUV alternative to Maduro in a future election.

The talks between the opposition and the PSUV have become a contentious issue in Venezuela, given the fact that the Maduro dictatorship has used negotiations to boost its image both nationally and abroad, and failed to keep the compromises that it had made.

For this reason, Guaido has seen himself forced to defend the talks before his own supporters. Just yesterday, Guaido reassured a crowd at a rally that what was going on in Barbados with the PSUV was not a negotiation, but rather a mediation.

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