PSUV vice president Diosdado Cabello lashed out today against High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet and her office’s damming report highlight the brutal and systematic violations of human rights that the Maduro regime has perpetrated over the past six years.

During a televised address, Cabello claimed that Bachelet’s office “did not write the report”, and that she had merely “presented it”. Cabello explained:

[The report] was written by the office of Mr. Eliot Abrams and [Bachelet] signed it, as an employee of the United States, and presented it.

Eliot Abrams is the United States’ special envoy to Venezuela. Cabello provided no evidence for any of his claims.

Cabello also speculated as to the reason why the report was put together in the first place, saying:

We think that all of this is coming from the right wing, which once again has lied to its people.

Bachelet’s report included evidence that the Maduro is engaging in a campaign of murder and torture against its critics, as well as using social programs to coerce needy Venezuelans into obedience.

During the same event, Cabello called on supporters to march this coming Saturday in rejection of the report. He said:

On Saturday we’re calling for a march to reject the report presented by Mrs. Bachelet, and we have arguments: she has no way of proving what she’s saying.

Contrary to Cabello’s assertions, Bachelet’s report is supported by meticulous research that includes not only interviews with dozens of victims of the regime’s human rights abuses, but also with NGOs.

Cabello also asserted that contrary to what the report demonstrates, there are no human rights violations whatsoever in Venezuela. He said:

In Venezuela there are no human rights violations. Whose human rights?

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