Nearing five days after his death, the family of Acosta Arevalo has yet to receive his body, according to National Assembly deputy Delsa Solorzano.

Solorzano was speaking to reporters today about the mutiny at the DGCIM jail when she made the revelation. Solorzano said:

Corvette Captain Rafael Acosta Arevalo’s body has yet to be handed over to his relatives. We call on the attorney general to stop this joke and hand over the body so that he can be given a Christian burial.

Leopoldo Lopez Breaks Twitter Silence

Leopoldo Lopez, the influential opposition leader who has been living in the Spanish ambassador’s home after breaking out of house arrest on April 30, broke his Twitter silence today with a thread in which he called on Venezuelans to take to the streets tomorrow in protest. Lopez’s call follows an identical one made by Juan Guaido earlier this week.

In the thread, Lopez echoed much of the language that he has used since 2014, calling the Maduro regime a “corrupt, inefficient, repressive and murderous” one. Lopez also called on Venezuelans to stand united in their resistance to the regime, and ended the thread with a call to the streets:

Everyone to the streets this July 5 heeding the call from [interim president Juan Guaido], to once again reclaim our freedom from our oppressors. Be strong Venezuela. Be strong and have faith.

Lopez was once the de facto leader of the Venezuelan opposition and a clear candidate to take on Maduro in a presidential election. He was sentenced to prison at the conclusion of a sham trial in 2015, and broke out of house arrest on April 30 of this year. He has been living in the Spanish ambassador’s home in Caracas since.

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