The Organization of American States (OAS) voted to formally recognize the opposition-appointed delegation to the body as Venezuela’s legitimate representatives in the opening session of its general assembly today in Medellin, Colombia.

The motion to recognize Guaido’s appointee, Gustavo Tarre Briceño, passed with 18 votes in favour, nine against, and six abstentions.

The vote was a contentious one, with the Mexican delegation speaking strongly against allowing Juan Guaido’s appointee to become Venezuela’s official representative at the OAS. Antigua and Barbuda, Bolivia, Dominica, Grenada, Mexico, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname, and Uruguay voted against the motion. The Uruguayan delegation walked out of the meeting in protest of the body’s decision.

Carlos Vecchio, the opposition ambassador to the United States, celebrated the OAS’ decision with a message on his Twitter page, saying that Venezuela would finally have a voice at the OAS “starting now”.

Bolivian president Evo Morales also spoke on the OAS vote through his Twitter account, saying that Venezuela “should not be the focus” of the OAS’ debates because the Maduro government withdrew from the organization.

Venezuela formally withdrew from the OAS in April of this year, following a two-year exit period that began when the Maduro government announced its intentions back in 2017 over what it claimed to be the organization’s interventionist approach to the country.

The OAS recognition of the opposition-appointed representative deepens the rift tearing at the Venezuelan state on the international stage.

Gov’t Claims it Foiled Assassination Attempt Against Maduro, Others

Minister of Communication Jorge Rodriguez announced today that the authorities had arrested thirteen individuals in connection to an alleged plot to assassinate Maduro, his wife Cilia Flores, and PSUV vice president Diosdado Cabello. This announcement followed statements that Rodriguez gave to the media yesterday denouncing the existence of the plot, which he claims was going to come into effect either this coming Sunday or Monday.

According to Rodriguez, the thirteen people involved in the plot are now in jail. He also claimed that the alleged plotters have connections to the United States, Chile, Colombia, and opposition leader Juan Guaido.

Rodriguez also said that twelve other individuals are wanted in the plot, but that Guaido is not among them.

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