National Assembly deputy Gilber Caro was released from detention tonight alongside two other political prisoners, Melvin Farias and Junior Rojas, on the event of a visit to the country by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Caro was arbitrarily detained in January 2017, released in 2018 and re-arrested in April of this year. Farias and Rojas were both arrested in April of 2018.

Through his official Twitter account, Juan Guaido sent a message in which he argued that Caro should never have been arrested in the first place, and that he was not truly free:

Deputy [Gilber Caro] has all of our respect. He never should have been arrested. He has been an example of how to get up and keep moving forward.

He leaves a prison cell but he is not free, and neither is Venezuela. The revolving door [through which our] political prisoners [pass] will only come to an end in democracy.

There are still approximately 790 political prisoners in Venezuela.

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