United Nations High Commissioner for Human rights Michelle Bachelet is set to visit Venezuela from June 19 to the 21. During her visit, Bachelet will meet with both Maduro regime officials and human rights advocates to ascertain the situation in the country.

News of Bachelet’s visit came from the United Nations’ news service, which said that the High Commissioner will personally meet with Maduro as well as with Juan Guaido. Bachelet is also scheduled to meet with Supreme Court chief Maikel Moreno, and with People’s Defender Tarek William Saab.

According to the UN:

The High Commissioner will also have meetings with victims of abuses and human rights violations, along with their relatives. Moreover, she will meet with representatives from civil society, union representatives, religious leaders and university authorities.

Bachelet will also give an address on her experiences during her visit on June 21.

The High Commissioner’s visit comes at a critical moment in Venezuelan history, as opposition forces continue to work for increased international recognition of the Maduro regime’s brutal repression of dissent.

In March of this year, Bacehelet said that she believed that the situation in the country continued to deteriorate, that the country was experiencing a “serious” crisis, and that the Maduro regime had “not recognized” the severity of the situation or taken appropriate measures to address it.

Arreaza Optimistic Bachelet Will Vindicate Regime

Minister of Foreign Affairs Jorge Arreaza tweeted a response to news of Bachelet’s visit, suggesting that he was confident that the High Commissioner would vindicate the government that he represents.

Arreaza shared an official statement from the regime that said that Maduro had invited Bachelet to visit Venezuela. The same statement also reads:

During the visit, the High Commissioner will be able to see the great and historic efforts that the Bolivarian Government has made to promote and guarantee the human rights of the Venezuelan People [sic], as well as the negative repercussions generated by the unilateral coercive measures imposed on the country, in clear violation of international law and of human rights mechanisms.

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2 thoughts on “14.06.19: Wishful Thinking

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  2. Really, 2 days to visit a country of 28 (after deducting the 4 million who have fled)? Maduro will shine up a few places, drag her around to where he has people staged to show how happy they are (Potemkin Village?) Sigh…

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