Reuters is reporting this afternoon that the White House has escalated its sanctions against Venezuela, this time by asking some jet fuel traders from providing the country with the product or else face sanctions. According to Reuters, the White House made the request some time this week.

From Reuters:

U.S. State Department officials made calls into several large Swiss-and British-based trading houses aimed at limiting commercial and military flights in Venezuela, said the sources.

When asked about the calls a State Department official said “We continue to engage with companies in the energy sector on the possible risks they face by conducting business with (Venezuela’s state oil company) PDVSA.”

If accurate, the move from the United States would likely have a severe impact not only on Venezuelan air force operations, but also those of commercial airlines.

Washington has been increasing the scope of its sanctions against the Maduro regime since it began its campaign, first by targeting the assets of named regime officials in 2015. Since then, sanctions have expanded to include Venezuelan government bonds in 2017 and the state-owned PDVSA oil company in 2019.

Pictures of Photojournalist in Ramo Verde Leaked

Three images showing a photojournalist by the name of Jesus Medina Ezaine in the Ramo Verde military prison leaked onto social media this afternoon.

The trio of pictures show a shirtless Medina inside a cell in the prison, which is located near Caracas. Below, the images:

Medina has been in prison since August 29 of last year. He was arrested in Caracas while carrying out his duties as a journalist.

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