Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Lavrov met United States Secretary of State Mike Pomepo met in Finland today to discuss the ongoing crisis in Venezuela, following a meeting between Lavrov and Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Affairs Jorge Arreaza,

After today’s meeting, Lavrov said that Russia was opposed to a U.S. military intervention in Venezuela, saying that such an event would be “catastrophic and unjustified.”

Lavrov said that his meeting with Pompeo was “good and constructive”, and that he did not see a willingness by anyone–including the United States–to escalate the conflict in Venezuela with a military intervention.

For his part, Pompeo opined that Maduro may still be nominally the president of Venezuela but that he was not really in command of the country,

Arreaza: Venezuela Ready to Repel U.S. Attack

Minister of Foreign Affairs Jorge Arraza said that Venezuela is “ready” to repel a U.S. military attack.

Arraza said that Venezuela is “ready for any scenario”, and that while the Maduro government would prefer to talk it out with the U.S., it would not back down from a fight. Arreaza said:

… we have an army, a people, a national militia that is able not only to resist and to do battle, but also even to win and defeat any army, no matter how powerful it is…

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