Note: Due to an overwhelming amount of work, today’s update will be written largely in point form to cover the day’s most important developments.

Following yesterday’s tumultuous events, Venezuelans took to the streets of cities and towns across the country to continue to demand that Maduro step down from power. There were protests in every major city of the country, with the most violent confrontations between protesters and the authorities taking place in Caracas.

The whereabouts of Leopoldo Lopez, who was released yesterday from house arrest by rebelling soldiers, are currently unknown. Last night, he was last reported to be inside the Spanish embassy along with his wife and daughter.

A 27 year old woman named Jurubith Betzabeth was killed while protesting in Altamira, Caracas. She had been shot in the neck and was receiving medical treatment in a hospital when she died. Betzabeth is the second protester to die in this latest round of unrest, following the death of 24 year old Samuel Mendez, who was killed while protesting yesterday in La Victoria, Aragua state.

At a rally in Caracas, Guaido called for an escalated set of labour protests leading to a nationwide general strike. Guaido did not provide a clear timeline for when the strike would take place.

Below, images from Guaido’s rally in Caracas earlier today:

A journalist named Gregory Jaimes was severely injured when an explosive device detonated right next to him while he was covering a protest in Altamira:

Jaimes’ gas mask was bloodied from the inside:

Another journalist was also injured after he was shot with rubber pellets by National Guard soldiers near the Altamira overpass:

Protesters on the Francisco de Miranda avenue in Caracas earlier today:

Protesters in El Paraiso, Caracas:

Protesters facing off against national Guard soldiers near the Altamira overpass:

Injured protesters in Altamira, Caracas:

Protesters on the Francisco Fajardo highway near the La Carlota air base:

Below, images from a protest in Anzoategui state:


Maduro held his own rally in Caracas, during which he acknowledged yesterday’s events and vowed that its perpetrators would eventually face justice “sooner or later”:


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