The mother of one of the survivors of the deadly migrant boat sinking this past Wednesday has spoken to the Associated Press (AP) about her daughter’s ordeal. The woman, whose name is Luisa Garcia, told AP that her daughter, Yubreilys Merchán, survived the ordeal alongside another person.

Garcia told AP that when her daughter realized that the boat was sinking, she stripped off her clothes in order to make staying afloat easier. Once in the water, Merchán began to swim to an island. The AP writes:

When she and another companion finally reached a rocky coast in the middle of the night, they clambered over boulders and collapsed in an embrace, crying with relief after realizing they were safe.

According to the AP, the boat was carrying “mostly women” and sank early on Wednesday about eight kilometres from Patos island.

Trinidad & Tobago has received a comparatively small number of Venezuelan migrants over the last several years, given the number who have fled to neighbouring Colombia and Brazil. Figures on Venezuelan migrants on the island range from around 40,000 to 60,000.

Caracas Runners Hit Streets for Marathon

Runners flocked to Caracas today to participate in the city marathon, which began at 6:00 AM this morning. The starting point of the marathon was Los Caobos park.

Erick Rono (or Ronouck) won the men’s race, while the woman’s race was won by Yaritza Saavedra. Below, images of the medal ceremony:

Rono (or Ronouck) is originally from Kenya, and has lived in Venezuela for the past ten years. Saavedra was born in Trujillo state.

Jesus Aguilar won the wheelchair marathon, but was removed from the running after staging a protest at the end of the race over the fact that the wheelchair race winners get considerably less prize money than the other runners. Agular said:

How is it possible that we wheelchair athletes get Bs. 200,000 for winning, 150,000 for second place and 100,000 for third place, while the [other] runners get Bs. 1,000,000? I know that’s not a lot of money, but we have to be clear.

Maduro Shares Presidential Portrait

Maduro shared his new presidential portrait today corresponding to his new term, which would see him in power until at least 2025.

Below, the portrait:

Venezuelan people! I’m sharing the Official Picture [sic] of the 2019-2025 Presidential Term. Public institutions [as well as] the military and police will use it as a show of respect to the decision made this past [May 20]. [This picture is] indisputable proof of the institutional strength of Venezuela. Long live our homeland!

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