Interim president Juan Guaido arrived held a rally today in Maracaibo, Zulia state, before a massive crowd of supporters.

After arriving late to the rally, Guaido told the thousands-strong crowd that he had been delayed because the authorities had placed “20 checkpoints” between Caracas and the city, a fact that he said is evidence that the Maduro regime was trying to stop the rally from taking place.

During the rally, Guaido spoke about the fact that Zulia state has been particularly hard-hit by the collapse of services including electricity and water distribution. He said:

I want to give my respect to Zulia [state] on my behalf and that of all of Venezuela. You’ve seen the worst of this (…) I’m telling you, Maracaibo, that you don’t have to get used to this calamity.

Guaido called on the supporters at the rally to refuse to “kneel down” before the repression from the Maduro regime, and that he was sure that the state would one day rise from the ruins in which it finds itself today.

Below, images from the Guaido rally in Maracaibo today:

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Note: Due to an overwhelming amount of work this week, I am unable to dedicate as much time as I’d like to today’s update.

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