Mahan Air, a controversial Iranian airline that is banned from operating in the United States and several European countries over its alleged ties to terror and military operations, has begun flying direct from Tehran to Caracas. According to the Iranian civil aviation authority, the flight took a delegation of Iranian government and Mahan Air officials to the Simon Bolivar international airport in Maiquetia earlier today.

The United States has accused Mahan Air of delivering weapons throughout the Middle East to organizations with ties to Iran.

Below, an image of the airplane as it appeared earlier today in the Simon Bolivar international airport:

According to Reuters, France and Germany have banned the airliner from operating in their countries after they accused the carrier of delivering military equipment and personnel to war zones in the Middle East, including Syria.

Reuters also cited a White House official as saying that Washing believes that there is “no commercial reason” for the Mahan Air to fly the Tehran-Caracas route, and that instead the move was “politically motivated”.

Brazilian VP Says No Military Intervention in Venezuela

Brazilian vicepresident Hamilton Mourao said during a press conference in Washington, D.C. today that there would be no military intervention of Venezuela to remove Maduro from power.

Mourao said:

None of our countries [in the region] will intervene militarily in Venezuela. The intervention is already taking place: its political and economic.

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