Venezuelans took to their streets today all across the country to protest against the Maduro regime, and in particular over its principal role in the collapse of the country’s electrical system. The massive protests were some of the largest that the country has seen since the 2017 anti-government protest wave.

State security forces were deployed to the Caracas head office of CORPOELEC, the state-owned electrical utility company, starting in the early morning hours. While its difficult to tell what uniform the men are wearing, it is likely that they are from the National Guard:

Below, a group of National Guard soldiers near the CORPOELEC office this morning:

The crowds in Caracas were massive. There, protesters turned out to hear interim president Juan Guaido speak:

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Note: Due to a hectic travel schedule today, I was not able to dedicate as much time to the daily update as I would have liked ti.

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