Interim president Juan Guaido arrived in Ecuador this afternoon as his Latin American tour continues. Guaido–who visited Bogota, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina this week–is scheduled to meet with Ecuadorian president Lenin Moreno later today.

Below, images of Guaido’s arrival in Ecuador:

Another image of his arrival:

Guaido: My Detention Would Spark “Popular Uprising”

Guaido spoke in an interview published in Argentina’s Infobae today on a number of issues, including the possibility that he might be arrested when he returns to Venezuela in the coming days.

Guaido faces arrest not only because of his stance towards the Maduro government, but also because he violated a judicial order that banned him from leaving the country when he entered Colombia on February 22.

When asked about what he thought about the possibility that he might be arrested, Guaido said:

This would be a coup d’eat (…) and it would be the last mistake that the dictator would make. Moreover, it’d be an aberration, [since] more than sixty countries recognize me as President.

Guaido was asked if he thought that there would be a “popular rising” if he were in fact arrested. He said:

I think that without a doubt there would be a popular uprising [in Venezuela as well as] abroad. The support [that I have received] has determined this.

Guaido was also asked about what would happen to the opposition movement if he were arrested. Guaido answered:

Independently of whether or not I’m arrested, there were some very specific scenarios [planned], from mobilizations and protests to actions involving public sector employees. That’s already been outlined. We’ve laid out a strategy that consists in everyone in Venezuela taking to the streets.

Below, Guaido shaking hands with Argentinian president Mauricio Macri:

Late in the evening, Guaido called for national protesters on Monday and Tuesday to coincide with his return to Venezuela:


I am announcing my return to the country and [I am] calling for mobilizations across the entire country this Monday and Tuesday.

Let’s spread this message and stay tuned to our call through official channels #We’reDoingWell

Sixth Person Dies in Connection to February 22 Kumarakapay Violence

A sixth person died today in connection to the violence that shook the small indigenous community of Kumarakapay in Bolivar state on February 22. Rolando Garcia, a Pemon guide, died at approximately 10:00 AM this morning, according to the Foro Penal Venezolano’s Alfredo Romero.

Garcia is the fourth indigenous person to have died in the violence perpetrated by National Guard soldiers on their way to the border with Brazil.

El Nacional is reporting that Garcia was married to Zoraida Rodriguez, who was killed on February 22 during the same event that eventually claimed his life.

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