Interim president Juan Guaido hosted a swearing-in ceremony today for approximately 5,000 Venezuelans who had signed up to volunteer for the ongoing humanitarian relief campaign.

This past Monday, the opposition launched a website called VoluntariosXVenezuela where Venezuelans can register to volunteer to help distribute humanitarian aid in the country. At today’s event, Guaido said that 600,000 people have already registered with the website.

Guaido said that the opposition was “willing to do whatever it takes” to make sure that the humanitarian aid–the bulk of which is currently being stockpiled in Cucuta, Colombia–will enter the country as scheduled this coming February 23.

At the event, Guaido also repeated a call that his become one of his mantras since taking the national stage back on January 23: that the military abandon Maduro and join the people in Venezuela in restoring democratic order in the country. On that mission, Guaido said:

Our movement is peaceful, but profoundly determined.

Below, a video from the event:

US Aid Continues to Arrive in Cucuta

Three United States Air Force cargo airplanes landed in Cucuta, Colombia today with humanitarian aid destined for Venezuela, following an internal leak from the Department of State yesterday indicating that the operation was imminent.

Opposition politician Lester Toledo was on hand to receive the aid on behalf of the people of Venezuela.

Below, some of Toledo’s tweets from the airport at which the aid arrived:

We have witnessed history today as three US cargo airplanes landed in Cucuta with humanitarian aid for Venezuela. Another show of solidarity towards those who need it the most #HumanitarianAvalanche

In the name of [Juan Guaido], we give our infinite gratitude to the Colombian government along with the US government, USAID and all of the volunteers who have made this possible. We are moved by the shows of affection that we’ve received these past few days.

The aid will [enter Venezuela] and the good thing is that we know when. We are 7 days away from this being a reality. We ask that you move to the border that day dressed in white as a sign of peace. In seven days this aid will enter Venezuela #We’reOnTheRightPath

Foreign Minister Confirms Meeting with Elliot Abrams

Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza confirmed today that he has personally met with the White House point man on the Venezuelan crisis, Elliot Abrams.

Arreaza said that he has met with Abrams twice. Arreaza said that the meetings were held in “secret”. He said:

The United States government has designed this man, Elliot Abrams (…) to talk to the Nicolas Maduro government. We’ve had two meetings, the details of which I cannot elaborate out of respect for confidentiality.

Speaking on the TeleSur network, Arreaza also said that he was willing to meet with “the devil” to protect Venezuela’s interest, borrowing a phrase made popular by Chavez and then by Maduro.

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