National Assembly president Juan Guaido’s newfound popularity was apparent today as he spoke to supporters at a cabildo abierto (roughly, open-air forum) in the Caricuao neighbourhood of Caracas. The cabildo was one of several held in Venezuela today.

The video below shows supporters chanting slogans while they awaited Guaido’s arrival:

Guaido greeting the crowd from the stage:

In the video below, Guaido waves to the crowd as they chant “Si se puede!” [Yes can!”]:

In the cabildo in El Hatillo, National Assembly deputy Delsa Solorzano gave an impassioned speech during which she address the nationwide protests that are planned for this coming January 23. Below, Solorzano’s comments along with my translation:

Solorzano: … at our side, not in front of us. Finally, brothers: this January 23, let’s take to the streets together. All of us. We all know that that day won’t be the end of the dictatorship. Or will it? I don’t know! I hope so. But we can’t give the end of the dictatorship and exact date and time.

What we do know is that the end is near, that we can almost touch it, almost smell it, and that soon our family will return to Venezuela and together we will rebuild it from the ashes. We know that freedom is coming to our country soon. Amen!

And that this freedom will come through our own hands, because this land has given birth to her liberators whenever she’s needed them, and she’s given birth to many liberators who will take to the streets to defend Venezuela!

At the cabildo in Guacara, Carabobo state, a huge crowd chanted “Fuera Maduro!” [Maduro Out!]:

Another cabildo in Carabobo, this one in La Isabelica:

EU Reiterates Call for Free Elections after Meeting with Maduro, Opposition

The European Union (EU) has reiterated calls for free and transparent elections in Venezuela after a delegation met with Maduro as well as with opposition leaders, separately, in Venezuela.

In a written statement, the EU spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy explained some of the content of the meetings:

…. [the EU delegation called] for the respect of democracy, rule of law and fundamental freedoms; the recognition and respect of the powers and prerogatives of the National Assembly, including the immunity of its members; the holding of new free elections in line with international standards; the release of all political prisoners and the urgent address of the most pressing needs of the population

The same statement says that the meetings also included a discussion on an EU proposal to set up an “International Contact Group”, the goal of which would be to create “the conditions for a political, democratic and peaceful solution” to the Venezuelan crisis.

The EU’s full statement is here.

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