Tension is rising in Venezuela with just one week to go before what is likely to be the largest protest in the country since 2017. Both the opposition and the ruling PSUV party have called for their supporters to take to the streets of the country on January 23.

Last night, Constituent Assembly president and PSUV second-in-command Diosdado Cabello took time on his weekly television show to tell the opposition and its supporters that the regime was ready to face whatever challenges they throw their way. Cabello said:

… and we will go to war, if you want, electorally–we want to do it electorally. If you want to debate, we will debate. If you want to [take to] the streets, we will [take to] the streets.

Cabello also stressed that the PSUV was ready to match the opposition’s every move, up to and including armed conflict:

But, if some day three or four of you get the idea to rise up and say, “This is my territory” with weapons, then we’d have to answer with weapons.

Protests Continue to Flare as Teachers Take Action

There were sporadic protests throughout the country today, inducing in Miranda and Lara states in support of teachers.

In Miranda, a group of protesters displayed a large Venezuelan flag and shouted slogans in the city of Los Teques  in support of teachers:

Protesters also took the streets of Guatire, also in Miranda state, and also in support of teachers:

Below, an image of the protest in Barquisimeto, Lara state:

In the city of Charallave, also in Miranda state, protesters were out on the streets early this morning after train service to the city was apparently unexpectedly terminated:

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