The United Nations announced today at an event in Geneva that it estimates that the number of Venezuelan migrants across the world to balloon to 5.3 million, up from the approximately 3 million today. The estimate came via a joint press release by the UN’s High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Migration Organization.

The UN estimates that on average, 5,500 Venezuelans left the country each day in 2018.

Eduardo Stein, the UN’s point man on the Venezuelan migrant crisis, called the situation “a migrant earthquake”, and that at its peak in August the exodus saw 18,000 Venezuelans leave the country each day, on average.

Approximately 10% of Venezuela’s population has been forced to flee the country in recent years due to the unprecedented socio-economic collapse that the country is experiencing. While the Maduro regime blames nebulous conspiracies involving a wide cast of foreign and domestic enemies, the crisis was precipitated–and perpetuated–by two decades of corrupt and inefficient chavista rule.

Russian Bombers Leave Venezuela

A pair of Tu-160 strategic nuclear bombers that arrived from Russia on Monday left Venezuela earlier today

The departure of the aircraft was announced by Minister of Defense Padrino Lopez, who shared a video on his Instagram account showing the bombers taking off from the Simon Bolivar International Airport. 

Thank you to the Russian Federation. We continue to build a productive and vigorous team of brotherhood and cooperation [sic]. Always onward toward victory! We will be victorious!

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