The Organization of American States (OAS) issued a statement today expressing concern over the placement of Russian nuclear bombers in Venezuela. The bombers–a pair of Tu-160s–arrived in the country on Monday, allegedly to take part in joint exercises with the Venezuelan air force in the coming days.

Part of the OAS statement reads:

The Secretary General of the OAS notes with the highest concern the news from Venezuela over the news regarding the possibility that airplanes capable of carrying nuclear weapons from Russia are in its territory.

The OAS also said that it considers the arrival of the airplanes to be “harmful to Venezuelan sovereignty”, and said that hosting the nuclear-capable airplanes might even qualify as a violation of international law.

In particular, the statement suggests that Venezuela might be in violation of the Treaty of Tlatelolco, a 1967 agreement that prohibits “receipt, storage installation and deployment of any form” of nuclear weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean. Venezuela is a signatory to the treaty.

Maduro Accuses U.S., Colombia of Trying to Kill Him

Maduro held a press conference today in which he spoke on a variety of topics, among them the August 4 drone attack.

During the press conference, Maduro accused U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton of orchestrating “terrorist and interventionist” plots against him, and suggested that the White House was behind the drone attack that he suffered in Caracas back in August.

Without providing any kind of evidence, Maduro asserted for the cameras that Bolton was actively trying to assassinate him. Maduro said:

John Bolton is talking about a plan that is already in development to assassinate me. John Bolton is the head of Plan Venezuela. He’s preparing various places where they’re training mercenary and paramilitary forces, along with Colombia.

Maduro also said that Bolton in fact had “many plans” to murder him, and that he had “turned Colombia in the base of operations” for his multiple plots.

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