Colombian President Ivan Duque said today that he would break off all diplomatic relations with Venezuela come January, when Maduro formally begins his presidential term.

For the decision, Duque cited the fact that Colombia–along with most other countries in the region–did not recognize the May 20 presidential election as free and/or fair, thus viewing Maduro’s presidency as illegitimate.

Duque explained:

My predecessor’s government [Juan Manuel Santos] did not recognize the last electoral results in Venezuela. Neither do I, and neither do many countries in the region.

What does this mean? That come January, when the dictator begins a new term that appears formal, we will not even pretend to maintain diplomatic relations with a regime that is violating United Nations Resolution 1373 [by] housing terrorists in its territory.

Duque’s reference to Resolution 1373,which was passed in the aftermath of September 11 and prohibits member states from providing aid to terrorist organizations, is likely in relation to the fact that the ColombianĀ Ejerctio de Liberacion Nacional (ELN) guerrilla group operates with relatively freedom inside Venezuela.

Venezuelan Internet Among 3 Worst on the Planet

Speedtest–a website that measures internet speeds for individual users and calculates national averages–has released its October 2018 report.

The report ranks the average internet speeds of 130 nations, measured in megabits per second (mbps). According to the ranking, the top five nations with the highest average internet speeds are:

  1. Singapore (181.47 mbps)
  2. Iceland (153.26 mbps)
  3. Hong Kong (131.05 mbps)
  4. Romania (129.43 mbps)
  5. South Korea (112.73 mbps)

Venezuelan ranked 128/130, placing it in the bottom three for the worst internet speeds on the planet.

The bottom five in the rankings are:

125. Lebanon (6.29 mbps)
126. Mozambique (6.10 mbps)
127. Afghanistan (5.74 mbps)
128. Venezuela (4.08 mbps)
129. Algeria (3.84 mbps)
130. (2.94 mbps)

Venezuela’s internet service is managed by CONATEL, a state-owned company.

Note: I am travelling today, and had only a limited amount of time to prepare today’s update. Regular updates will resume tomorrow.

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