An NGO named Coalicion por los Derechos Humanos y la Democracia [Human Rights and Democracy Coalition] (CDHD) issued a statement today claiming that Juan Carlos Caguaripano, whose failed 2016 insurrection landed him in prison, is being tortured by regime authorities. The CDHD statement coincides with the conclusion of Caguaripano’s first appearance in court since his arrest in 2017.

The CDHD also pointed out that more than a year has passed since Caguaripano was arrested, and yet today was his first appearance before a judge. Susana Rojas, a member of the CDHD, told El Nacional:

Too much time has passed since the time he was detained, and it’s only now that he’s having a preliminary hearing.

Caguaripano burst onto the national spotlight on August 6 of 2017, when he led a small group of rebel soldiers on an assault in the Paramacay military base, located near Valencia in Carabobo state. The assault was conducted by soldiers from the 41st Armoured Brigade, and was ultimately repelled.

Previously, Caguaripano had served as captain in the National Guard until 2014, when he was discharged for allegedly plotting to overthrow Maduro. Caguaripano had been on the run until he resurfaced in 2017.

Caguaripano was arrested on August 11 of 2017.

NGO: 1/5 of State Industry is Paralyzed

Transparencia Venezuela [Transparency Venezuela], an NGO that promotes accountability in governance, announced today that approximately one fifth of all state-owned industries in Venezuela are inoperative due to corruption and mismanagement.

According to the report, out of 576 companies owned (either in whole or in majority) by the Maduro regime, 109 are not in operation. The report attributes the death of the companies to the following:

… lack of maintenance, the destruction of management equipment, [and] the overwhelming [nature] of ideology and loyalty to the [regime’s] political model….

The report also points out that 441 of the companies that the regime owns today were taken from private owners “via expropriation, confiscation, nationalization” and re-claiming of what were once state-owned companies, dating back to the Chavez era.

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